The Problem

COVID has pinned us all home and has brought with it woes of employee engagement and business perpetuity. The crisis impacts performance on both sides, employees and employers. As the industry crusades towards a new normal post the crisis there are three major pain points that organizations are confronted with - business growth, cost effectiveness, employee engagement and productivity.



With limited interaction with colleagues at work, employees are feeling isolated, alienated and even depressed.

After all, we are social beings, and the need for engagement and interaction is primal.


With Work from Home becoming the new normal, Employee readiness in terms of their accountability, productivity, initiative and drive for results, plays a major role in delivering business continuity and growth post the crisis.

The crisis at hand also demands an optimised set of skills unlike what has worked until now. There is a pressing need to identify that inherent desi ‘Jugaad quotient’ in the employees.


The Solution

To support you in these trying times, we at PerspectAI have created a scientific tool using fun and engaging games to gauge Employee Readiness in three simple steps.

BC-19 Employee Engagement Play Game


Engage Employees in PerspectAI’s immersive neuro-cognitive games

Employee Leaderboard BC-19


Rekindle fun at work and get insights through our Employee Readiness Report

Employee Potential BC-19


Successfully manage the crisis by purposefully engaging and repurposing the Talent

True Potential BC-19, Advance Employee Reports

Not Just Another Game!

Our experts used neuro-cognitive science in crafting our games, making it possible for organizations to better understand employees' skills and abilities.

Our True Potential Report captures employee readiness for the New Normal on different dimensions

Business Growth

Motive for Power & Influence
Ability to Achieve Targets
Motive to Achieve
Problem Solving
Risk Taking

Retaining Customers

Emotional Intelligence
Service Orientation
Relationship Motive

Cost Effectiveness

Strategic Resource Optimisation
Attention to Detail
Decision Making

And other abilities - like

Multi-tasking MemoryProcessing Speed Numerical ReasoningFocus

Rekindle & Re-purpose Talent, Right Away!

You don’t have to leave anyone behind.

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